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The Ice-Force Consortium GbR is a joint venture of ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH and Safeaero i.T. AB.
The Consortium based in Munich was founded in 2008 to take advantage from the experiences and expertise of both companies at the realisation of the procurement plan "de-icing vehicles for large-scale aircrafts".
The ESG Company is, since it's foundation in 1963, working for the German Armed Force with focus on logistics and offers solutions and realisation of logistic issues with respect to the particular conditions of the public client. Furthermore ESG builds training strategies and developes training devices and simulators.
The de-icing vehicle SDI 220 developed for the civil aviation and offered by the swedish company Safearo already satifies in large parts the requirments of the German Armed Force. Safearo posseses huge experiences in the field of de-icing aircrafts. Hence Safaero has the abilities to customize their product to the special needs of the German Armed Force.
Therefore Ice-Force has the ability to offer de-icing vehicles, which are coordinated to military customer preferences including complete technical and logistic professional suport during the whole life time cycle, at an efficient price. Every civilian or military operator of Safeaero de-icers the Ice-Force Consortium GbR can also offer a customisable simulator for a cost-effective training.


With the de-icing vehicle SDI 220 offers the Ice-Force Consortium GbR military customers an approved and in civil aviation well proven de-icing vehicle which is adapted to the customers special requirements. Optional selectable components enable the costumization of the de-icing basic version to very special indivdual demands. The SAFEAERO 220 Simulation-System is designated to facilitate instruction and training of handling of the vehicle basically and de-icing procedures specifically.


  •  In civil aviation approved de-icing vehicles
  •  Configurabel according to indvidual customer's requirements
  •  Possibility of air transportation
  •  Simulation-System for a cost-effective training
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The de-icing vehicle SDI 220EH is suitable for de-icing the future military transport aircraft A400M.
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